How To Free Up Memory On iPhone And iPad

We may encounter iPhone or iPad crash due to lot of background processes running caused lack of ram memory, we can’t free up memory and need to restart iOS again and again. Before that some of the free up ram memory on iPhone and iPad app already pull down by Apple, seem there are no ways to let your iOS devices run smoothly by free up memory. Today an awesome app called System Activity Monitor (iPhone and iPad available) allow free up ram on iOS devices automatically.

Techgravy blog ever shared a universal app called process killer which can kill the process background and free up memory on iPhone. However this app already pull down by Apple. System Activity Monitor have similar function with process killer shows you in real time which apps or processes are running, the interface is quite simple with display runtime (RAM) memory usage, storage (Disk) usage, all running processes, CPU usage, WiFi IP address and device information.

Free Up Memory On iPhone And iPad

You may question how to free up memory on iPhone ? You no need do extra job, just run the app and let it go. System Activity Monitor will stop some of used background processes and free up ram memory automatically as it’s detect ram memory in iOS devices are too low. Before that Modern Combat 3 game running on my iPad 1 are always crash but after try with this awesome app, the iPad running Modern Combat 3 smoothly without any crash.

Free up memory on iPhone

free up ram on ipad


If you want free up memory on iPhone by stop running some background processes manually, all you need is just pull and release System Activity Monitor screen, the memory will be free up after a whole.

free up ram memory


System Activity Monitor designed for iPhone and iPad, requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Download System Activity Monitor from iTunes app store.

Now System Activity Monitor is free for limited time, please grab it as soon as possible as you needed.

PS: It’s so fast Apple pull down from iTunes app store.Those already download please keep it.

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