Free UK VPN :Free UK PPTN VPN Service

We like to watch UK TV shows over internet like ITV or BBC but you need a UK VPNĀ  if you are not come from UK region, then they will not block you connect through to their TV program.However most of the UK VPN service are paid service and hard to find free UK VPN.Today i will share with you a free UK VPN service called Free UK VPN that work on all computer OS,iOS ,Android and Nokia.

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Free UK VPN website:

Free UK VPN using PPTN connection platform without install a software client.They guaranteed users 1.5Mbit/s download speed and 800Kbit/s upload speed for each Free UK VPN session with no packet loss and minimum network jitter .The PPTN VPN username and password published on their home page and VPN password will change every 12 hours to maintain QoS guaranteed high quality VPN service between all users.


I try they UK VPN service and connection is quite fast,connect to UK ITV and BBC are not problem.HTTPS connection to Gmail,twitter and Facebook is well done.