[Free Today]Backupify Offer A Free Year Pro Account Backup Gmail,Facebook,Flickr Up To 25 Service Account

Few days ago more than hundred thousand Gmail users found their message,email,chat log and contact already already reset and all data wiped out.To prevent Gmail outage happen again,you can use ‘Backupify’ to back up Gmail ,Google docs,Facebook,Twitter,Flickr and many others service.Backupify also offer from now until 11:59pm Eastern time on March 1, Backupify is giving away a free year of Backupify Pro 100 service to anybody who asks for it.

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With a Backupify Pro 100 account, that’s 20 GBs of total storage for up to 25 service accounts — including Gmail, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs and up to 5 users on your private Google Apps domain — free until March 1, 2012,total costs USD $59.88


1.Visit to create a Backupify account.Choose ‘Pro 100’ account,enter in name,email,password and phone no,then key in savegmail in promo code column,click ‘Click Account’ icon.

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2.When you first sign up, it will be under a free trial. Backupify will update this within 48 hours to free for 1 year.

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3.Select the service that need to back up by click ‘Add’ beside the service,then you can start to backup data.

Please act as soon as possible as you need a free service to backup your data.