Free SoftMaker Office 2008 Giveaways [Windows And Linux Version]

Now everyone can download SoftMaker Office 2008 ( Windows or Linux version ) with free and it is one of the best commercial alternative of Microsoft Office.

softmakeroffice2008 1

The SoftMaker Office 2008 consists of

  • A spreadsheet PlanMaker which is a clone of Microsoft office Excel.
  • A word processor which is called Textmaker, and it is a similar to the Microsoft Office Word.
  • Tt has demonstration software called Presentations which is exactly similar to the Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Go to Christmas promotion web page,enter your name ,email address and select SoftMaker Office 2008 version,click ‘Adsenden’ icon.


A email send by SoftMaker contain SoftMaker Office 2008 licesen code.Download SoftMaker Office 2008 software ( Windows or Linux ).

Apply the license code,name and register email,then you having SoftMaker Office 2008 full version.


PS:I try to run SoftMakerOffice 2008 set up in Windows 7 ,it’s successful.