Free SMS From Receivefreesms Bypass Region Restrictions Download Free LINE Stickers

After LINE messenger app for Android and iPhone updated to 4.3.0 version, users found that they will not be able download LINE stickers if LINE account didn’t link to phone number. The worst thing is they can’t download others countries free stickers by using VPN to bypass region restrictions anymore.

Now the question is how to get Free LINE stickers from other countries ? Yes, you have a mobile phone number that able receive SMS. Below is a trick to help you to get around the restrictions by using others countries phone number.

 New Free LINE Stickers Hack

Your LINE account should link to email address and Facebook account, don’t link to phone number. Refer below tutorial how to unlink or delete register phone number.

Please back up LINE chat history before unlink register phone number.

Log into LINE account > Settings > Accounts > Phone Number > Select United States (as example).

Free SMS download free LINE stickers

Now you need a US phone number able to receive SMS. Visit receivefreesms web site and you can find a US number. Select a US number and enter in LINE app.

Free%20LINE%20stickers 3

Go back to receivefreesms web site and click on the number that selected. You will notice LINE already send you a verification code to you, note it down.

Receivefreesms receive free sms

Key in the code into LINE app, now you LINE account already link to a register US phone number.

Free%20LINE%20stickers 5


Go to Stickers Shop > Free option, you will find lot of free LINE stickers that available for US region. Select the stickers and download it.

Free LINE stickers USA

Please take note you have to unlink US number immediately after download all your interested LINE stickers, don’t link it forever with your LINE account, your LINE account will banned.