Free One Year Cyberghost Vpn 5 From Christmas Advent Calender 2013

Nowadays we all concerned safety and privacy as browsing internet, we have to use vpn services to bypass restriction and becomes anonymous by changing IP address when going online. Cyberghost is one of best vpn services provider which allow changing and assign IP addresses in a software client instantly. Now CHIP magazine from Germany bring you Christmas advent calender 2013, let you download free Cyberghost vpn 5 special edition for one year.

This advent calender let you get a free software or application as gift as countdown to Christmas from 1/12/2013 to 24/12/2013, day 1 the free gift is Cyberghost vpn 5 special edition for one year. CyberGhost anonymity you by changing your IP address, encrypts your internet connection and allows you to access sites like YouTube, hulu or Facebook, even if they are blocked by your country. Furthermore it’s is easy to use and it doesn’t keep any logs, making it perfect for surfing, safely connecting to Wi-Fi Hotspots and managing your online banking account.


How To Get Free Cyberghost VPN 5

Visit CHIP Christmas advent calender 2013 and click day 1 button,then click “Zum Download” button downloading Cyberghost client.

  • CHIP Christmas advent calender :

Free Cyberghost vpn 5


Go to below CHIP Christmas page, enter your email and submit. The Cyberghost VPN license key contained inside your register email.

  • CHIP Christmas page :

Cyberghost vpn licenses key


Now installed software client into computer. Click “Activate key” locate at top tight corner interface and paste the license key from your email, the Cyberghost VPN 5 showed already upgraded to special edition for one year.

Cyberghost vpn

Free gift christmas advent calender 2013


Remember this giveaway limited to 40,000 licenses only, grab it as soon as possible.

This special edition allow users connected up to 5 devices includes iOS and android.

Christmas around the corner, others online magazine like S.A.D., DownloadMix and PC Welt from Germany bring you Christmas advent calender 2013.

PC Welt :

DownloadMix :

S.A.D. :

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