Free One Month UK / US Premium VPN Account

Now you can try a premium VPN service with free for one month.This offer is provided by Hideipvpn and it’s cost USD 9.99 but now you no need to pay it.

1.Go to Hideipvpn tweeter account.It already published a promotion code,click the link and will bring you to the register web page.

2.Select ‘premium VPN service’,then choose ‘9.99$/mo Secured VPN UK/US PPTP/OpenVPN’ option with click ‘Order Now’ icon.

.hideipvpn 1

3.It will bring you to product configuration web page,click ‘update Cart’ icon.Enter in the promotion code that from twitter account then click ‘Check out’ icon.

hideipvpn 2

4.You need to register by fill in your personal details,put a check on ‘I have read and agree to the term of services’ and click ‘Complete Order’ ( Remember your email address will be your username ).

hideipvpn 3

That all.Your email should receive two email from Hideipvpn ( customer invoice and your account details ).Now go to set up VPN processes.

Hideipvpn supports Window XP / Vista / 7 / MacOS X / Linux / IPhone platform.There are two VPN set up (PPTP open potocol and OpenVpn),you can go to this set up tutorial page and set up you VPN connection.This premium Hideipvpn account can let you to set up UK and US VPN service in the same time.

Those who first time using Hideipvpn VPN service may puzzled what is the benefit by using VPN ? With Hdeipvpn VPN service,you can surf anonymous by hidden your actual IP,surf web site blocked,prevents snoopers and hackers from viewing your email, instant messages, credit card information or anything else you send over the network.

During trial run hideipvpn for two days,the speed of browsing web site is quite fast,can login in to instant messaging client ( Yahoo and Window Live messenger ),normal HTTP download ( Megaupload and Rapidshare ) with high speed and it support SSL connection ( Wongsk use Gmail with HTTPS connection ).

Moreover,Hideipvpn works fine watching Hulu and BBC TV programs,the video buffering is quite fast during watching Hulu and BBC.Seem Hideipvpn didn’t limited the bandwidth usage and only not allowed to have P2P connection.

If you satisfied Hideipvpn VPN service ,you can continue with premium VPN service by purchase their quarterly or semi-annually payment option.