Download Free For PC Tools Registry Mechanic 7.0 With One Year License Key


After the post of Ashampoo Winoptimiser 2009 that optimized the performance computer.Now you having a another utility software can optimize and improve the system performance with PC Tools Registry Mechanic 7.0

PC Tools Registry Mechanic 7.0 can clean, repair and optimise the Window registry,moreover it can fix the window error and crashes.For more details ,please visit PC Tools Registry Mechanic website.

If you interested in this software,please following below step ;

1.Go to this website ,enter your name and email address,then click ‘Request Free license’.

2.You will received a email that containing license key and username for Registry Mechanic.

3.I will upload Registry Mechanic 7 software for easy downloaded.Download here.

4.Running program installation.After completed ,click ‘Register’ and enter in the license key and name,you will getting 1 year free using of PC Tools Registry Mechanic 7.0.

If first time you running the program and a pop up window showed you that a message ‘Unicode system are currently not supported‘,it due to unicode compatible problem.please following below steps .

1.Click Start>Settings>Control Panel and open ‘Regional Language Options’.

2.Select ‘Advance’ tab,change the language to ‘English (United States)’,then select ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.


3.Select ‘Yes’ and reboot the computer.Try run the installation again.

It supports Window XP and Vista (32bit).

Enjoy your download.

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