Download Free Naver LINE Stickers On Jailbreak iPhone [Cydia App]

Naver using stickers application to attract users to join LINE messenger, some of the LINE stickers need money to purchase it but Naver also provide free LINE stickers download at the same time. However some of the free download LINE stickers are not available on your region and most stickers are free for limited time. I have shared a iPhone hack how to get these free LINE stickers but you may feel tedious need to go through many steps, then you can try these LINE stickers hack on jailbreak iPhone downloading free Naver stickers.

Now you just need to add a source from Cydia then you can download all free stickers from all region without any limited, this Cydia source is same as the source that use for solve LINE Naver games can’t start up on jailbreak iOS devices.

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Download Naver LINE Stickers On iPhone With Cydia App

1.Go to 「Cydia」 > 「Sources」, adding .

2.2.Now searching for 「LINE Region Free」 in Cydia, then installed and reboot iPhone.

LINE stickers cydia app


3.Find 「Line Region Free」 option in Setting (I use iPad as example, the interface may different with iPhone), tab on 「Bypass Country Restriction」 option to turn on, then select 「Click here to select sticker」.

LINE region free Cydia source


4.There are two selections for Naver stickers free download, free stickers from Taiwan and other countries.

Free LINE stickers


5.All the free stickers download provided with free for limited time and free for long term, choice your prefer one and download it.

Naver LINE stickers download


Remember to turn off 「Bypass Country Restriction」 option after download completed, need to turn on again if you want to continue download another free stickers.

Naver LINE


Latest hack getting free line stickers for iPhone (26/12/2012).

Naver LINE Stickers Free Download Celebrate Reach 100 Million Users (18/1/2013).

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