Free LINE Stickers Download With VPN On iPhone And Android

LINE messenger users for iPhone and Android may aware that they can’t access to restriction regions download free LINE stickers since 1/3/2013, LINE users found that it’s will bring back to their original region and can’t download free stickers even through go to download page, all the LINE sticker hacks not working anymore after Naver having bugs fixes.

Recently the trick of getting free Naver LINE sticker is using VPN (virtual private network) or proxy, below is the tutorial how to download free LINE sticker from Japan by using VPN Japan since LINE Japan provided lot of  free stickers compare with other regions.


Download LINE Stickers With VPN

First we need to get a free Japan VPN in order let us access to Japan region. Visit and then key in a email address, all the VPN Japan details including username and password will sending to your register email address, we can use this details set up VPN on iPhone and Android devices.

Free Japan VPN


Now LINE app need update to latest version. Here i would like using Android phone as example.

Then clear LINE data and force stop it running on background.

Stop LINE app


Go to setting > wireless & networks > VPN > add VPN network.

  • Name :Key in any name
  • Type :PPTP
  • Server address, or

Save it.

VPN for AndroidVPN japan for Android


Turn on airplane mode then tab on saved VPN network, key in VPN username and password that applied from, tab on connect.

VPN japanVPN


Now start up LINE app and login with email address after Japan VPN connected successful. Go To More > Stickers shop, tab on New or Event tab, now we can select free LINE stickers from Japan region and download it.

LINE stickers AndroidFree LINE stickers from Japan


Or visit line polppolservice web site. This web site shows free and paid Naver stickers that from different region countries into a single web page and let LINE users browsing all the items easily.

Select free LINE sticker from Japan region, find a friend to chat by type in 「line://shop/detail/XXX」 and send, you will notice a message link appear on the screen. Tab on the message link and can download stickers with free.

Download free LINE stickerDownload Japan line stickers


More details please visit Naver LINE Stickers Hack For Android.

Set up VPN for iPhone procedure almost same as Android devices. if you are interested free Naver stickers from Thailand, Taiwan or Korea, please find free VPN for the countries that mentioned above from Google search, follow and repeat the steps mentioned above.


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