Free License Code For Cerberus Android App, Anti Theft And Track Your Lost Phone

Cerberus android app is one of popular mobile security app to track your lost or stolen android phone, it cost around $4.00 with one time payment without any monthly or yearly fees. Now celebrate their third birthday offering free Cerberus license code to users for the next 24 hours, until April 26 at 6:00 AM GMT.

Cerberus is an android app that helps you to get your phone back if it has been lost or stolen. It allows your phone’s location to be tracked via the Cerberus website, or by SMS messages which offer more functionality than Android Device Manager.

Cerberus Android App Key Features

The important thing is it can even sustain a full wipe or flashing of a ROM. This means i will still be able to track my phone if someone tries to flash a new ROM in it which requires root. On non-rooted devices, it can only sustain full format of phone.

Cerberus android app recover stolen phone

Others operations that can be perform which is getting location data and taking photos with the camera, can also remotely set off a loud alarm on the phone, making it easier to identify. It can also remotely wipe the storage of the phone or simply lock it down so it cannot be used.

Cerberus Android app can installed up to five devices. By the way we can install a client app on others android devices that will send sms commands to find and locate your phone.

Free License  Code

Download and install the app from Google Play store, then create an user account from your phone. A confirmation email will be sent to you confirming that your account has been activated for free, you should not see the “Buy license” option anymore after log in and access app setting.

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