Free Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 License Key (One Year) From China

I always advised my Chinese friends who use Kaspersky security software change using Kaspersky Chinese simplified version cause we can always getting free Kaspersky license key from China without using ours pocket money to buy it.Now a Chinese online game ‘三国杀OL’ having free giveaway Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 (KIS 2011) one year license key.Those who known Chinese can follow below step getting free KIS 2011 license key.

These KIS 2011 license key having some limitation as you apply license key to your Kaspersky software,

1.You need KIS 2011 Chinese simplified version and can’t apply to others KIS 2011 language version.

2.This KIS 2011 license key must apply and activate within one hour.

3.Your IP address must come from China region.

If run KIS 2011 software in your Windows OS ( default language is English ),you find that the character will showing ‘û’ or ‘?’ error code.Here i show you how to make KIS 2011 Chinese simplified version show perfectly without any error code.

Go to ‘Control Panel’ ( i use Windows 7) > ‘Region and language’ > ‘Administrative’ tab > ‘Change system locale’,

kis2011 5

Select ‘Chinese (Simplified,PRC)’ in system locale and ‘OK’.

kis2011 6

Then Kaspersky Chinese version can show perfectly and no error code in Windows OS.

How to obtain free KIS 2011 Chinese Simplified version license key ?

Visit web site register account by click ‘注册新用户’ locate at top left side corner web page,

kis2011 7

Enter in username,password and email address as below.

kis2011 8

Then go to register email inbox,click activation link sending by and a web page showing your account already activate.Your username will become your .

kis2011 1

Then go back to register account web page,enter in username and password,click ‘登录’ (sign in).

kis2011 9

Scroll down the web page after sign in and find ‘三国杀OL’.then click ‘点击领取’ blue color icon to receive KIS 2011 license key.

kis2011 10

The web page will show as below,then click green color icon to receive KIS license key.

kis2011 3

Now you getting KIS 2011 Chinese simplified version license key and have to activate within one hour with China IP address.We not from china region then have to use China VPN service activate KIS 2011 license key.

LoveVPN is a VPN service from China that can provide VPN from China.You can use their free VPN service (their free VPN service limit to four hours duration only).Go to here key in email address,code and download the VPN client software.The username and password will state in email provide by LoveVPN.

kis2011 14

Install the VPN software client and log in username and password,then select China region and connect.

kis2011 13

Now start to install KIS 2011 software and enter in the license key,you can use it with free for one year.

kis2011 16

Download KIS 2011 Chinese Simplified version.

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