Free Kaspersky Anti virus 2009 For 120 Days

After my post ‘Free 6 Months Chinese Kaspersky Anti Virus 2009 Product Keys And How To Activate In English Version’,some of my weblog readers sent email to me mentioned that it’s hard to follow the steps getting the license keys and not familiar with Chinese character.OK,i known your i would like to show how to get 90 days Kaspersky Anti Virus 2009 (KAV2009) product keys with free but the procedure also complicated ( i have tried to make it very details and simple ).

1.Go to here and following below step .

2.Scroll down to end of the webpage.

3.A new webpage appeared and you need to enter your personal details again.

4.The KAV2009 activation code send to your register email address.

5.Open up your email address,you will getting a KAV 2009 activation code and register this code at .

6.Enter in some details and remember for NIP column,please key in 521-04-12-987.Then go to your register email address received free KAV2009 license key for 90 days.

7.Go to here download KAV2009 trial version.The period of these trial version have 30 days,so after 30 days trial run finished and enter in these free 90 days product key,then you have totol 120 days free using of KAV 2009.

Enjoy your download.

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