Free Flickr App For iPad And iPhone Celebrate New Flickr [Limited Time]

Yesterday Flickr comes with a surprise, a free one terabyte (1 TB) of space to everyone, we can upload a dizzying number of photos and videos up to 537,731 with 6.5 megapixel photos, according to the Flickr new page. They revealing a new grid style design for you to share your Flickr photos and push new update for Flickr app.

Previously free Flickr users could only display 200 photos at a time, while paid users had unlimited storage and display capabilities for their Flickr pro account. I had wrote a post how to exceed 200 Flickr photos restriction on 2009 but seem we don’t need it as they provided one terabyte free space.

Yahoo not only change the Flickr photo streaming that arrange the photos in grid style but also announced new Flickr app update for iPhone and Android devices, however there are no available app for iPad version. Actually browsing photos on large screen (iPad) more enjoyable with it’s retina display, if you need a Flickr iPad app or felt the functionality of iPhone app for Flickr too basic, now we get the chance download two iOS apps for Flickr with free (free for limited time), Flickr Studio and FlickStackr for Flickr two best Flickr apps.


Flickr App For iPad And iPhone

Flickr Studio is iPad app which ever become Apple staff favorite on February, 2012, it’s allow you browsing all tags, groups photos by search on your account, upload and download photos from Flickr also not a problem. you no need use another photo editing app to make your photos attractive but use with it’s build in image editing feature with effects and filters, cropping, levels, colors, sharpness and more.

Flickr app for iPad


FlickStackr for Flickr is Flickr app for iPhone and iPad, it’s same as Flickr Studio app that manage and browse photos on your Flickr account, the functionality not so much different with Flickr Studio. It’s also support others photo sharing web site like 500px, Instagram or Picasa but need in app purchase.

Browse Flickr photos with iOS app


Grab it fast as these two apps are free for limited time now.