Free Boxpn VPN Accounts Christmas Giveaway

Techgravy blog worked with Boxpn had free vpn account giveaway to readers on Nov 2011 and all the winners already got their free vpn account.Techgravy promised giveaway 10 free vpn accounts every month for a year,today having Christmas giveaway to all readers with 10 free Boxpn vpn accounts valid for 3 months each.

Please refer Boxpn review by Techgravy.

Boxpn provided 10 vpn servers located at UK,USA,German,Canada,France,Turkey and Switzerland which support,Windows/Mac OS,iPhone,iPad and Android platform devices.

Free Boxpn VPN Accounts Giveaway

By entering giveaway contest,you will stand a chance to win one of the 10 licenses for Boxpn vpn accounts.

Now to enter this contest,simply follow the instructions

1.Click Fshare button located at end of this post and sharing in your Facebook wall.

free vpn


2.Click time stamp of your Facebook sharing status,then copy sharing status link and paste into comment.

free vpn


Example sharing status link : FACEBOOK ID/posts/321434240913406

AND leave a comment below with message that want enroll the contest with a valid email address.A valid email address must enter in Mail column and don’t post email address in comment to avoid spam issue,Boxpn admin will use this email to send the free vpn account detail to you if you are lucky winning in this contest.

This giveaways will end at 17/12/2011 and the winners will announce on 20/12/2011. reserves the rights to change any terms and conditions of the giveaway without any notification.

Good luck.

PS : The winners name list will published at end of this post.

Giveaways Closed.The winners are


Congratulation.Boxpn admin will send out Boxpn free vpn accounts to you shortly.

Due to some participant provided fake email and Facebook share link,the entries mentioned will be forfeited,so this Boxpn Christmas giveaways only have 5 winners.

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