Bitdender Internet Security 2009 For 90 Days

Now BitDefender from Romania offered free BitDefender Internet Security 2008 for 90 days but this promotion valid for Romania region only.You can use web proxy access to this web site and getting free 90 days Bitdefender Internet Security ( BIS ) 2008 product key.

1.Use web proxy ,then copy and paste this URL ( ) to it,click ‘GO’.

BIS2009 2 final

2.The web page will changing to Bitdefender promotion web page in Romanian language.Enter in name,first name and email address,then click ‘Trimite’.

BIS2009 3 final

3.You will be receiving a email contain free 90 days BIS 2008 product key.This product key can use for BIS 2009.You can download Bitdefender Internet Security 2009 from the link below :

3.Running BIS 2009 installer and key in the product key during installation,then you can free use BIS 2009 for 90 days.

BIS2009 1 final

I never try to use this product key applied to BIS 2010,do let me know if can use for BIS 2010.

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