Free Astrill VPN / Proxy Service Beta Testing

‘Free,unlimited bandwidth,fast browsing,secure’,are you really to try if all these mentioned to a VPN/Proxy service ? Now Astrill having 100 invitation VPN/Proxy services free giveaways.

Astrill now running BETA VPN/Proxy service,so you can join test team for free now.It’s required invitation code but you can find and follow Astrill in Twitter.

The code already filled inside and you just submit name,email and password register a account only,then download VPN/Proxy software client and run the installer.

Enter email address and password at Astrill VPN login window,click ‘LOGIN’ .Then select VPN server ( UK or USA ) and click ‘ON’ icon ( become blue color ),you can start using Astrill VPN/Proxy service now.

During trial run,i found that after turn on Astrill VPN/Proxy service,the browsing speed almost didn’t affect compared to normal internet connection,can perform normal HTTP download ( megaupload,rapidshare,sendspace ),supports SSL connection ( Techgravy use Facebook with HTTPS connection ).

IM client (Yahoo and MSN messenger) also can connect well.Last is try connect
to Hulu and ITV and BBC channel TV program,video buffering is quite fast.

If you satisfied with Astrill VPN/Proxy service ,you can purchase their monthly plan option.

Astrill VPN/Proxy supports Window 2000/XP/Vista/7.

Please grab it as soon as possible if you interested.

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