Free Android WhosCall Pro For Six Months, Call Block And Filter

WhosCall is a call blocking app for Android and iPhone to block unnecessary calls or keep away annoying text messages reach to your phone, it’s free version provide search and protection features only. You can pay for Whoscall pro to get value-added service such as privacy alerts, call guard or offline database download it to your phone so that you will be able to query caller’s identities and intentions even without a network.

We had no clue who might be calling from the number alone. WhosCall identifies the callers in seconds through internet searching and community reporting by phone number reverse lookup whether it’s irritating telemarketing or scammers etc calls, the app will shows unknown numbers and you can block or filter the calls not to receive both calls and text messages. No more guessing who’s on the other end of the line.

Now WhosCall for Android running a special referral event in US, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan till 2013/8/31 with newest version, you can send referral codes to your friends and both of you will get FREE WhosCall Pro versions up to maximum six months, Pro Version is currently only available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, United States, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.


Free WhosCall Pro Version

Install WhosCall android app, select ‘Referral Event’ > ‘Enter referral code’. You can use my referral code 19282147 then both of us can gain free pro version for one month.

Free Whoscall pro version


Go to ‘Share to friends’ option to get your referral code and share to friends. The screen also showing that how many times that your code already redeemed and months of pro version.

Referral code to get Whoscall pro


Lastly i hope that WhosCall pro version available in Malaysia that allow users to identify caller without internet access.