Free Alcohol 120% 5.5 Blue-Ray For Everyone ( Today Only )

CHIP is giveaways Alcohol 120% 5.5 Blue-Ray software.This free giveaways is limited for today only (1/12/2010) ,don’t miss it.

Alcohol 120% is a backup software for CD/DVD and also can mount it as virtual drive on your computer.It’s supports MDS, CCD, BIN / CUE , ISO, CDI, BWT, BWI, BWS, BWA image files and also can copy playstation and PS2 disc.The read speed faster than the normal CD-ROM drive about 200 times, can support up to 31 virtual CD-ROM drive.

Go to promotion web page and click ‘Zumdownload’ icon downloading Alcohol 120% 5.5 Blue-Ray software .

Go to this page register a account.You will receive 2 email from CHIP.Click the link inside first email for validation,then second email you will getting user ID and license code for ALCOHOL 120% 5.5 Blue-Ray software.

Now running ALCOHOL 120% 5.5 Blue-Ray software installation.Copy and paste the user ID and license code to the set up pop up window,then continue installation till noticed below image.

This is the important step,you need to follow and don’t miss any step,otherwise the registration software will fail.Now restart your PC and run through installation again till the image as above appear again.

Now click the image above continue the installation till finished,you will be asking register the software and enter in the license code to register.Now you having full version of Alcohol 120% 5.5 Blue-Ray software.

Alcohol120% 5.5 Blue-Ray compatible with Windows XP and Vista only.

PS:The registration page showing Alcohol 120% Blue-Ray is 5.0 version but installation software is 5.5 version.