Free 90 Days Trial Run For Mcafee VirusScan Plus

After Mcafee giveaways with Mcafee SiteAdvisor Plus with 6 months trial run,now Mcafee co-operate with Microsoft to have free 90 days trial run for Mcafee virusScan Plus.

It guards your computer and files against viruses, spyware and intrusion, stopping hackers automatically. With McAfee’s trusted protection you can surf the Web and download files safely.

  • Offers 3 in 1 PC Protection from viruses, hackers and spyware so you can surf the Web safely
  • Prevents multi-pronged attacks by integrating anti-virus, firewall, and anti-spyware technologies
  • Simplifies security with the new and improved McAfee SecurityCenter
  • Shields your PC around the clock: always on, always updating, always protecting
  • Warns you about sites which send spam, install adware, or attempt online scams
  • XP and VISTA compatible

Now go to Mcafee VirusScan Plus promotion website and entered in your name,email address and create a password,then click ‘ I Agree ‘ . ( If you ever applied get the Mcafee SiteAdvisor Plus for 6 can use back the register email and password for getting this software ).

You will receive a email and click the activation link to activate your Mcafee account.After activated your Mcafee account ,you will receiving a receipt as below,

Next step is click ‘Go To My Account‘ download Mcafee VirusScan Plus .

You need to download Mcafee download manager that showed in Mcafee website.Double click ‘DMSetup.exe ‘ to run installation,

You can click ‘Customize‘ to select which Mcafee software to be install into your PC ( Mcafee firewall,Siteadvisor and VirusScan ).

Then reboot your PC after completed installation.

Two months ago Mcafee offered a Mcafee VirusScan Plus special edition for AOL.This special edition is free for AOL users.What i know that this special edition are including Firewall and VirusScan features only ( excluded siteadvisor ) .If you interested for this special edition software,you can get this through here .

Enjoy your download.