Free 90 Days Product Keys For Kaspersky Internet Security ( KIS ) 2009

Two months ago i wrote a free 100 days product key for Kaspersky Internet security ( KIS ) 2009 post,now you having a oppertunity to get 90 days free product keys for Kaspersky Internet Security ( KIS ) 2009.

Actually these product key is given by Chip magazine,you need to enter in the promotion code to get it with free.

1.Go to this site and enter in your name,email address,code of the image and promotion code ( the promotion code is KIS2009-538491 ).


2.This website is using Poland language,you can use Google translate to translate to the language that you preferred.

3.You will receive a email that containing the 90 days product key for KIS.Then download KIS 2009 and applied the product key that you received.

Please grab it as soon as possible.

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