Free 6 Months Chinese Kaspersky Anti Virus 2009 Product Keys And How To Activate In English Version

UUSee in China cooperate with Kaspersky giving out Kaspersky Anti Virus 2009 ( KAV2009 ) license keys for 180 days with free.You need to download the UUSee software and obtain it on line with condition,moreover,these license key are for KAV2009 Chinese simplified version ( ),if you applied the keys to KAV2009 English version ( ),a pop up message will remind you that these license keys are not compatible with this application.

Now i will show you how to get the free 180 days KAV2009 license keys and applied it to KAV2009 English version,the steps are complicated but if you follow it step by step,for sure you can get it.

UUSee is the pioneer P2P based Internet streaming media TV broadcaster in China.If you download the UUSee software and installed,it will installed Google Pack in your IE browser at the same time although you refused to install it.I dislike this kind of forcing installation method.The purpose to install UUSee just for getting KAV2009 license keys and don’t want to interrupt our pc operating system,you can install Returnil virtual System or Sandboxie to create a virtual system installed UUSee ,then reboot the pc after getting the KAV2009 license key,nothing will change in your pc.

1.Go to promotion website and click the icon download UUSee.

2.Then running the installer,

3.Click at the top right hand corner region to download the KAV 2009 license key after installation completed and make sure pc is online.

4.Your web browser will open up new window and asking key in the verification code and click ‘next step’.

5.The license key will showed immediately and note down the license key.

The steps to obtain KAV2009 license key are completed.Now download KAV2009 English version and running installer.Please select ‘Activation Later’ during activate the copy of KAV2009 and then restart the computer.

1.Right click on Kaspersky icon in system tray,then select ‘Setting’.

2.Select ‘Option’ –> Uncheck ‘Enable Self-defense’ –>’Apply’ –> ‘OK’.

3.Right click Kaspersky icon again and select ‘Exit’.

4.Go to C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009\Skin\loc, rename folder name from ‘en’ to ‘sch’.

5.Go to ‘Start’ –> ‘Run’ –> type ‘regedit’,navigate to HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Kaspersky Lab\protected\AVP*\environment,

6.In the right hand panel,find ‘Localization’ and change the data value from ‘en’ to ‘sch’.

7.Run KAV2009 again and KAV activation wizard appear ,select ‘activation online’,enter in the KAV2009 license key that obtain from UUSee earlier and click ‘Next’.

8.OK ! Your KAV2009 english version already activated for six months.

9.The KAV2009 license key must activate within 15 days from the date applied.If your pc ever install any version of KAV2009 before,please use Kaspersky removal tool to clean up your pc first ,otherwise these license key can’t activate successfully.

Download .

Enjoy your download and install.

PS: Others language version of KAV2009 i never try before,please inform me if can use above mentioned tips to activate it.

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