Free 180 Days Product Key For Kaspersky Anti-Virus ( KAV ) 2009

Recently PC World Magazine offered a promotion code getting free using 180 days for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 from Poland Kaspersky.At starting stage it was quite easy to apply with just entered in promotion code ,email and name only,Unfortunately it changing the rules after one week and only allowed visitors from Poland ( detected by IP address )and need entering the captcha.It is not the problem by using Poland web proxy entering the webpage but the difficult way is entering the captcha with Polish character.Now i can show you the trick how to get it.

1.Using Poland web proxy ( ) , key in in the column and click ‘SURF’.2.Key in Name,email address ,home address and promotion code ( promotion code is KAV2009-999513 ),then click ‘Zarejestruj’ ( don’t key in image character ).


3.The webpage will asking you enter in information into image character column that let it blank just now.Now is the toughest procedure part for you to follow.As you seen,inside the green color word ,there are 3 numbering Polish word hidden inside,you need to find out these 3 digit number.

1 – pierwszy
2 – drugi
3 – trzeci
4 – czwarty
5 – piąty
6 – szósty
7 – siódmy
8 – ósmy
9 – dziewiąty
10 – dziesiąty

Let take below picture as example,you will finding 3 digit numbering is 489.


3.Now you can using these 3 digit numbering to find out the character belong,enter character into image character column and click ‘ Zarejestruj’.


4.If you found some character as below that difficult using computer keyboard to enter in,visiting wikipedia of Polish language to copy and paste these Polish alphabet.


5.The email that registered will receiving a valid 180 days product key for KAV 2009.

6.Go to here to download the KAV 2009 and enter in the product key provided during set up,then you can using KAV 2009 free for 180 days.

Enjoy your download.

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