Free 180 Days Kaspersky AntiVirus 2009 (KAV 2009) Product Key From China

After few posts regarding Kaspersky product keys freebies published,there are quite a number people visiting my blog,especially from Europe region caused my blog name appeared at their technology forum.I was happy because there are more people getting to know my blog but indirect will causing the freebies website close quickly. Now i would like sharing with you how to get free Kaspersky Anti Virus 2009 ( KAV 2009 ) product key for 180 days,same as previous from China website and you need more patient caused the steps are complicated.

Actually these KAV 2009 freebies are for Lenova computer users in China and these giveaways closed on Feb 2009 already,recently this website open again and i will showing you how to get KAV 2009 free product key for 180 days although you are not a Lenova product user.

1.Go to this promotion website ( This website loading very slow.If the website didn’t appear within 5 minutes,please refresh your IP address or browser the website in other timeline ).

2.The website appear in Chinese Simplified character and follow the step key in the details.

3.Then you getting a wizard if you registration completed.A email contain product key will sending to your register email address.

4.As you open up your email inbox,maybe your email client can’t support Chinese character,you just note down the KAV 2009 product key .

This product key is for KAV 2009 Chinese simplified version ( ),if you applied the keys to KAV2009 English version ( ),just follow my previous post ‘Free 6 Months Chinese Kaspersky Anti Virus 2009 Product Keys And How To Activate In English Version’ method.

The KAV2009 license key must activate within 10 days from the date applied.

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