Free 10GB Pogoplug Cloud Online Storage,Lifetime

Pogoplug Cloud is a latest launching free cloud online storage on internet that offer secure space for storage,sharing and streaming files.The service same as Dropbox which let you uploading files to Pogoplug cloud and sharing with others.Now Pogoplug Cloud offered 5GB free space but if you visit CNET promotion page before November 16, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST,you can get free 10GBs online storage for lifetime.


Pogoplug Cloud offer free 5GB space to register member,it’s consider better than Dropbox (Free 2GB only),their also provide monthly plan $9.95/month for 50GB space and $19.95 for 100GB space.You can stream media files to any device, including your smartphone, tablet and computer,others than that Pogoplug let you post your photo or video to Facebook,Twitter and Google+ with one click.


How To Get Free 10GB Pogoplug Cloud Online Storage

CNET website :

1.Visit CNET promotion website and click 「 Please log-in or register to get the deal! 」 icon,then log in with your Facebook,Google or Yahoo register account.

pogoplug cloud free 10GB


2.Refresh CNET promotion page after register and log in,you will notice 「 Buy Now 」  icon appear,then click it.

pogoplug cloud free 10GB


3.The web page will redirect to Pogoplug Cloud special register web page,use a email and password register it and you will getting Free 10GB Pogoplug Cloud online storage for lifetime.

pogoplug cloud free 10GB


You can connect to Pogoplug Cloud through PC (Windows or Mac OS) or iPhone,iPad and Android platform Devices.

pogoplug cloud free 10GB


PS : You still have 16 hours to go getting free 10GB Pogoplug Cloud space as this post published.