Free 1 Year Product Key Of Zemana Antilogger Software


If you thinking that your security software or program that installed in your computer can protect your personal information revealed and avoid keylogger threat,you are wrong.You need to install another antilogger software to enhance protection of your computer,before that i wrote a post regarding keyscramber 2.0 personal,now you can using another great anti keylogger software with free ,is Zemana Anti-logger.

Zemana Anti-Logger protects your system from keyloggers and other threats with the intent to steal your personal information.It provides

  • Keylogger protection
  • Screen logger protection
  • Clipboard logger protection
  • SSL logger protection
  • Webcam logger protection
  • System defense

If you interested of this anti-keylogger software you can get it with one year free of use.Go to here and submit your details and click ‘Send’.

Then you will received a email from Zemana that containing a product key that valid for 1 year.

Download Zemana Antilogger software and installed.After reboot,select ‘Service’ –> ‘License’ –>’Enter License Key’ –>’Renew License’,then you can use Zemana antilogger software with free for one year.


Zemana Antilogger supports Window XP and Vista only.

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