Foxit Reader And PDF Xchanger Viewer Are Suitable For Us ?

Most of us complained that the new version Acrobat Reader start up quite slow and large file size,then we change to other pdf viewer software like Foxit Reader or PDF xchange Viewer.Before that i installed these two pdf software but encountered some problem as go for print out the data.

I facing the layout and display problem as i using Foxit Reader,every time i need to align back the position.PDF Xchange View always show that the logo.Then my friend asking me why not using the old version of acrobat reader,the start up speed are quite fast.

Now,i am using acrobat reader 5.05 and the start up speed can compare with Foxit Reader,moreover i not need to do the alignment again.If the purpose of you to install the pdf software just for viewing pdf file and printing,acrobat reader 5.05 is a choice for you.

Maybe you will telling me that old version acrobat reader got some bug and caused the computer collapsed but compared with visiting unsecured website and downloading some malicious program,the risk are quite low.

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