Folder Mover : Move My document & IE Files To Other Partitions

The normal practice for us will put all ours valuable video,music and photo in ‘My Document ‘folder by default located in C drive,this making C drive become growing in size.We can moving ‘My Document ‘ folder to other drives with implementing registry hack and changing the direction path,second is by using a software.Using a software is easier and will not caused any problem.

Maybe you will have a question why need to move ‘My document’ folder to other partition drive ?First increase adding the personal data into your pc C drive will causing your pc performance going down.Second if you backup your pc data,you need to backup frequently because your personal data changing all the time.

Now with this folder mover by EAZ solution,you can easily moving ‘my music’,’my picture’ and ‘my video’ or others folder contained inside ‘My Document’ to other drive ( D,E,F…. ).Moreover folder mover can move following IE files to another partition :

-Windows Desktop
-IE History
-Recent Files
-Outlook Express Emails
-IE Temporary Files
-Windows Temporary Files
-IE Favorites

Download Folder Mover and set up,

It easy to use.Put a check on which item that you need moving to another drive and selecting the drive,then click ‘Move’.After reboot pc the items will in the partition that you selected.

You can change back to default location anytime by click ‘ Undo’.

This software is a freeware and compatible with Window 9X/ME/2000/XP .

MD5: DDFF32285C31227B0FB417FED5193B34

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