Focus Plus : No Blurry Image As Shoot Photo iOS App [Free Limited Time]

Are you experienced getting blurry photo as using iPhone snap a photo ? you may avoid this as using this iOS app ‘ Focus Plus ‘.

Focus Plus is a iOS app help you getting sharp focus photo.You will hear a beep sound as Focus Plus gain correct focus,then is a time shoot a’s very helpful as you in this situation.

focusplus 1

Focus Plus also can assist you in Magnifier for MacroShot – Touch the subject on your screen to make sure the iPhone focuses on what you want not the background before shooting.You will find that the screen will appear similar to Canon DSLR cameras nine focus simulation point , of course using central focus point. Near the focus point will have a magnifying glass to enlarge the screen to confirm the focus already achieved,Focus Plus have beep sound to remind you sharp focus gained.

focusplus 2

Apart of it,Focus Plus came with exposure lock feature – Move the lock icon around to adjust photo darkness/brightness balance.

Focus Plus compatible with iPhone 3GS / 4 only.

Download Focus Plus from Apple iTunes App Store and free limited time.