Fix Windows 8 Save As File Dialog Slow Show Up

Windows 8 user may encountered save file dialog slow appeared, it’s took too much longer to appear. I am too facing same problem on my windows 8 PC, in normal condition the save as file dialog will show up immediately as did a “save as” file function but i have to wait around 10 seconds then pop up dialog appeared.

Windows 7 having issue as open up folder that contain large files size delay show up as noticed green progress bar is in moving status but didn’t encounter save as file dialog box delay show up problem. If you are facing problem while save file dialog box slow show up as save files or save page link on web browser to PC, then you can try below method fix slow pop up dialog box issue.


Fix Windows 8 Save As Dialog Delay Issue

Find regular use file folder > right click on folder choose properties > Customize > Select 「General items」 on option for this folder for option.

Fix Windows 8 save as dialog slow show up


Then test it by try open notepad and click save as option, the save as dialog window should appears quickly then the setting is correct, it’s better to restart the PC and try again if failed.

If restart still having dialog box delay issue, right click on folder choose properties > General > Advanced > put a check on 「Allow files on this folder to have content indexed in addition to file properties」 > OK, then restart the PC.

Windows save file dialog delay

Fix save file dialog box delay


It’s should be fix slow show up save as dialog box issue on Windows 8.

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