How To Fix USSD Attack On Android Devices

How To fix USSD attack on android devices ? Several Samsung Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy S III were reported to be vulnerable because they supported the special factory reset code, however the vulnerability is not limited to Samsung phones, all Android phones are vulnerable exploited by this USSD attack.

Below video demonstrating how the USSD attack to a Android device.

How to fix USSD Attack On Android Devices

First you need to check whether your Android devices is vulnerable to this attack. Visit this USSD exploit test URL (it’s safe and will not wipe data), if your phone is vulnerable to the recently disclosed tel: URL attack then this website will cause your phone to open the dialler and display the IMEI code.

USSD attack


1.Install Telstop from Google play store. This tool will fix USSD attack by publishing a URI handler for TEL. Every time a TEL URI is activated an application selector will be shown.


2.Install Dialer One as alternate dialer for your android devices. A tel: URL will now prompt for the application to use.

Telstop and Dialer one app fix USSD attack


As you seen, HTC One V phone is exploited by this attack by visiting USSD exploited test URL. However the application selector will show after install TelStop and Dialer One Android app as visited USSD exploited test URL again, this will prevent and fix USSD attack on Android devices.

Anyway we have to wait phone manufactures release software update to fix this USSD attack.

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