Fix LINE Bubble, LINE POP Game Abnormal On Jailbreak Devices [Latest Solution]

Naver LINE POP game can’t play on jailbreak devices anymore after updated to 1.3.0 version, not only LINE POP abnormal but others popular games such as LINE Bubble also having same problem where can’t start up and play on jailbreak devices. 「LINE no Detect」 patches can’t work anymore on latest LINE POP version, the 「LINE no Detect」 developer mentioned had to study and may need some time publishing latest 「LINE no Detect」 version.

Techgravy blog provided a temporary solution that is install back LINE POP game 1.2.0 version, all the score point still remain as start to play the game. However seem this is not a prefect solution to fix line pop abnormal on iPhone but today we got the prefect solution.

We need to install a Cydia tweak called tsProtector P on jailbreak devices. tsProtector P Cydia app giving us allow or block any apps attempt accessing to iOS system files, now we can block Naver LINE games app checking iOS devices already jailbreak or not as start up with this application


Fix LINE POP Game Abnormal

tsProtector P is not a free app and it’s costs for $1.39, search tsProtector P via BigBoss repo in Cydia.

tsProtector P


After installed then go to settings > tsProtector P > Non-allowed app list > LINE Bubble and LINE POP games toggle to ON mode.

Naver LINE games


Before install tsProtector P.

line pop abnormal


After install tsProtector P.

Fix line pop game on iphoneFix line bubble game


Now we can play all the Naver LINE games on jailbreak devices. Although tsProtector P is paid Cydia app but i think that it’s worth and we no need struggled to find old version games.

How is your thinking ?