Firefox Ultimate Optimizer : Software Reduce Firefox Memory Consumption

What is your trick to reduce memory consumption for Firefox web browser ?Normally we type ‘about:config’ and changing setting inside,but the memory consumption still showed around 20K.Here have a software to optimize firefox RAM less than 1K after installed it.Are you believed ?

Firefox Utimate Optimizer is a software reducing the memory usage to a certain amount ( normally less than 1K RAM ).After unzipped the software,there have a exe.file,then double click to run it,this software not need to configure and it will locate at system tray.

I did a scan for it with Avast,Norton and Panda security software ( caused it a exe.file ) which can’t find any virus and malicious program.Below is a screen shot of my firefox RAM comsumption with open 4 tab inside,it show less than 500 RAM only,amazing ?

Download firefox utimate optimizer.