Firefox Add-on With Adult Content Search Engine

Normally in the Firefox browser already build in some search engine such as Google,Yahoo, etc,we also can add in other search engine that support Firefox which can make ours to be more convenient for searching something.How about adult content ? Can we add in adult video search engine ? Can,you can do it by yourself,

You need a Firefox add-on,video downloadhelper.Video DownloadHelper is a very useful Firefox extension, which allows users to customize file formats and quantities to download and have detection capability to identify the true position of the video or music files,then download to your computer.

Step 1 : Go to here download video downloadhelper extension and installed,

Step 2 : Go to downloadhelper homepage,click for the ‘downloadhelper video search’,

Step 3 :Then roll down the webpage till you get this,

Step 4 : Click ‘install adult video sites search engine‘,then these search engine will install in your Firefox.

Step 5 : You can type in any word for searching adult video,

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