[Firefox Add-on] Fast Web Photo Download

We will come across a lot of beautiful photo in a web page as browsing internet,but if each photo applied with right click and save as function,there are quite troublesome surely.So,how to download countless web photo fast and easy ?

Outwit images is a Firefox add-on that can help you display all the single web page photo in a new window,you can viewing the photo through slideshow method and download it.

Download Outwit images Firefox add-on and installed,a Outwit icon will appear at navigation toolbar.You just click the icon as want to download and save all the photo in a single web page,all the photo will displayed as thumbnails in a new window.

Then save all the photo by right click and select ‘All the image’,or

You can drag the photo that need downloaded and drop to ‘catch column’,then click ‘save catch images’ download photo into your PC.

Moreover,you can specify the photo resolution by select ‘Tool’ tab and ‘Option’,

After that select ‘catch all matches’,it will match the photo and drag to ‘catch column’ automatically and you can save the photo.

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