[Firefox add-on] Change Webpage Content To Speech

Are you ever try text to speech software ? It’s can let you having web browsing and ‘listen’ email or other web page content at the same time.Your eyes will quite relax since installing this text to speech software cause shortening time concentrate on the computer screen.If you want to experience ‘listen’ web page content and don’t want to install software,here Click,Speak‘ Firefox add-on can help you.

Click,Speak‘ is a open source Firefox extension and designed for sighted users who want text-to-speech functionality.It easy install and use.

1.Download ‘Click,Speak’ Firefox extension from here ( Window XP/Vista OS only ).

2.Open up Firefox web browser,select ‘File’ tab and ‘Open File’ option,then choose the file that you downloaded and click ‘Open’.

3.Click ‘Install Now’ as a window pop up appeared and restart Firefox.A ‘Click,Speak’ toolbar appeared,highlight the text that you want and click ‘Speak Selection’ icon,then it will read the text highlighted.


The default language is English.You need to purchase if need additional language.