FileTypeMan :Free File Types Manager For Window

Are you encounter extension management problem ? For instance, if we decide whether using window Media Player or WinAmp to play a mp3 file, it is necessary to amend extension of the association. However, built-in Windows file types management is not user friendly, today introduced the FileTypeMan as long as less than 45KB, to help you get an extension of the problem, not only editing integrity, but also modify the file extensions. Let FileTypeMan to help you solve the file extensions problem.

Originally built-in Windows file types are as below, the window can not be resize and the information provided and modification are limited.




After execute the fileTypesMan, a pop up window will show as below.

Change file extension


Click on the ‘ F2’ key or from the right-down menu to choose ‘Edit Selected File Type’, you can edit the file types of attributes, including descriptions, icons, MIME type and so on .

filetypeman 3


Select the open file type at bottom window with press ‘F3’ key,can edit the title of the menu, open the command-line and also can choose currently program to open (Select From Running Programs).

File type manager


This feature mainly used in a variety of file types of changes. For instance,mp3 file is open by Mplayer, others .Wmv,.Ogg, .Far, and other types also like to use Mplayer .Press ‘F4’ key, and then choose to refer the file type, click “OK” .

Change file tupe to open application


Download FiletypeMan 32bit / FiletypeMan 64bit (portable type).

Supports Window all (feeware).