FilePizza :Transfer Files Through Web Browser Without Uploaded

What is a simple method to transfer or share files with your friends? Normally we will upload files to Mega, Google drive or Dropbox this kind of online cloud storage service, then give the download link and asking your friends to download it, now you got a more convenient way transfer files by using FilePizza, let you share files without upload the file to cloud storage.

FilePizza is a super-convenient online file transfer service, let file transfer in simply way through a web browser. It didn’t require uploading files to online storage and will generate a unique URL directly, as long as you want to paste the URL shared objects, as long as your friends paste URL link into FireFox or Chrome browser, then start downloading the files.

FilePizza does not store any user’s files and basically there is no file size limit or type of file during transfer. The interesting thing is the download link will expire when you close the web page, your friend cannot retrieve the file again, so you do not have to worry about security issues.

FilePizza Transfer Files

Visit and click on “Select a file” button, select the file from computer that need to share.

After selecting the file, FilePizza will immediately generate a random link. You can share this link to your friend and asking them to get it. But remember, the sender cannot put the web page screen closed, otherwise the link will fail.

FilePizza online transfer file

Your friend just click on “download” button starts to download the file.

FilePizza 2

The sender can see download progress on their browser.

When the download is complete, you can shut down the Web page, even if another user using the same download link, but no longer downloads the file.

P2P transfer files

Overall, FilePizza let you sharing files with friends in a simple way without uploaded and you do not have to worry about security issues caused the files will not hosted on third-party servers.