File Dropper : Free 250GB File Hosting For 30 Years


There are a lot of file hosting services in internet but up to more than 200GB capacity and free for use,i thought it will hard to find it.Today you can get this kind of big capacity file hosting service for free of using 30 years without any cost.

File dropper is file upload service that can host your files up to 5 GB.They declared their services same as Megaupload and Rapidshare but don’t have any coundown timer and hide the download link,they goal is simple just upload and download files.

Now,File dropper having a ‘Green Project’ to prevent people waste paper printing and caused many trees are cut and turned into paper,they offered 250GB file hosting for free.Actually this offer expired on 15/1/2009 but they extended to 31/1/2009.

Visit here and signup with your username,password and email address,then you can get this file hosting service up to 250GB.


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