FBVPN Free 10 VPN Accounts Giveaways

Techgravy.net partnered with FBVPN having free VPN account giveaways which valid for three months,total 10 free FBVPN VPN accounts will giving out to Techgravy.net readers.


FBVPN provided users surfing anonymous in internet,bypass web site blocked.In the same time protecting your online identity by hiding your real IP address.if you are living outside UK or US with using FBVPN (with their UK and US VPN server ),then can enjoy watching UK and US TV program such as Hulu,ITV etc.

With FBVPN browsing internet is quite fast compare with normal internet connection,using HTTPS connection is not a problem but not allow P2P connection.

FBVPN offer UK and US servers which can be connect with PPTP,L2TP and IPsec platform.It’s supports Windows/Mac OS/Ubuntu/iPhone/iPad,all the set up is simple and can refer this setup tutorial.

FBVPN giveaways ten FBVPN 3 months VPN accounts.10 VPN accounts is personnel  VPN standard account with costs $9.90 per month.To win a FBVPN account,you need to do is;

Just retweet this post and post the retweet status link into comment .That all.

Example retweet link : http://twitter.com/tweeter id/status/xxxxxxxxxx

A valid email address must enter in ‘Mail’ column and don’t post email address in comment to avoid spam issue.FBVPN admin will use email address to sent out VPN account to the winners,make sure your email is valid.

This giveaways will end at 17/6/2011 and the winners will announce on 19/6/2011.

The winners name list will published at end of this post.

Good luck.

The winners are

bhaktiramli,Bionic,TomGer,JoHo,susahgiler,Mayur Sharma,aijay,Sabahan Bloggers Club,Sanity86,The Hoa.


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