Facebook’s Download Your Information Added To Malaysia Facebook Users Now

Normally we will using 3rd patty tool or software backup ours Facebook data includes photo,messages,wall post,friend list and personal profile.Now you can use Facebook’s download your information features downloading all the thing inside your Facebook account and this Facebook new feature already added into Malaysia Facebook users.

Go to ‘account Setting’ after login your Facebook account,click ‘Learn more’ under ‘download your information’.

Then click ‘Download’ icon.Facebook will gather all your information and take little time to complete it.you will be receive a email once the task is completed.

Click the link inside as you receive a email sending by Facebook then key in your Facebook password again.Now click the ‘Download now’ icon.

Unzipped the download file.Double click ‘index.html’ if you want to check the wall feed,friend list or email information.Now you can perform backup what you want.

The downloading information provided by Facebook still have some weak point like friend list showing the name only.

Please check your Facebook account already added this new feature if you want to backup your Facebook profile completely.