Facebook Revise Privacy and Sharing Setting,Will It Affect You ?

Facebook revised some privacy and sharing setting recently.Now all these new sharing and privacy features rolled out to all Facebook users.The most useful features added is ‘Tag review’ which you can decide to let your friends viewing all these tag content.

Put in simple word,if someone tag your messages or photo in his/her publish message,now you have a tag review to determine all these tag content will publishing in your Facebook wall or not,prohibit your friend viewing these content ( may is secret for you ).

I published 5 Steps Get Rid Facebook Privacy Security Risk post last month but Facebook already revised some privacy setting,here i revise some solution how to get rid Facebook privacy issue due to new features implemented.


1.How to hide yourself in Facebook ?

Don’t get wrong message.You may don’t want someone you don’t know sending the messages or invitation to disturb you.Go to ‘Privacy Setting’ -> Edit Setting on ‘how you connect’ option,

facebook privacy setting


2.Who will get to view my message if i leave or reply a message ?

Sometimes your reply message to a friend won’t let other to view it.Unfortunately the visibility of the message is decide on ‘the person who publish the message’.

Every Facebook message published having a option who can view this message.If you reply this message,then these message will view by this people.

facebook privacy setting


So how if i post message at my friend Facebook wall ? It’s all depend on your friend Facebook privacy setting that mentioned in item 1.

You can determine own privacy, but you can not determine privacy for your friend.Everthing is depend on your friend.


3.Control your default privacy

As you enter Facebook privacy setting web page,you need to select a default privacy setting (Public,friends or custom).Remember default privacy setting in Facebook app on mobile version will follow the default privacy setting that you set in web page.

facebook privacy setting


4.Revise past post visibility

If you want to limit past post that you shared to certain group of friends,now you can change it.Roll down Facebook privacy setting web page till notice ‘Limit the Audience for Past Posts‘.,click ‘manage past post visibilty; to edit it.

facebookprivacysetting 3


5.How your Facebook profile appear at public ?

You may want to know how your Facebook profile appear in public after amended Facebook setting.Now select profile -> click ‘View As’,key in your friend name then you can understand how your Facebook profile look like.

facebook privacy setting


6.Set Facebook profile visibility

Like Google+,now you can set Facebook profile visibility.select ‘edit profile’,

facebook privacy setting


7.’Who are you with’ option in Facebook wall

A new feature ‘Who are you with’ added in Facebook wall.If you add your friend in ‘who are you with’  and select ‘Friends’ in publish option,that means this message will view by your friends and  your friend’ of friends.

Facebook privacy setting


We should be caution tagging friends post,photo or message to protect our own and your friends privacy.


8.Tag review on Facebook

Facebook added new feature ‘Tag review’,select ‘How Tag work’ in Facebook privacy setting,click ‘edit setting’,

facebook privacy setting