Facebook Reveal Users Phone Number,Are You In The List ?

Today came across a news mentioned that Facebook will reveal users phone number to your Facebook friend without any permission.If you are concern your right or don’t want your privacy appear in your Facebook friend,you can edit Facebook setting to control it.

How serious is it ? Go to your Facebook home page,click ‘Friends’ locate at left sidebar then click ‘Edit Friends’.

Now click ‘Phonebook’ and will showing your Facebook friend  phone number in a list.

How to disable Phone number appear in phonebook

Click ‘Account’ tab and select ‘Privacy Setting’,use ‘Custom’ > ‘Customize Setting’.

Then scroll down to ‘contact information’ option,select ‘custom’ to edit and choose ‘Only Me’,click ‘Save Setting’.That all.

You also can apply this to others contact information if don’t want to disclose your privacy.