Facebook Places,Amended Privacy Setting Before Use It

Facebook launched new feature called ‘Places’ that let you ‘check in’ place base on LBS location and share your geographic location with your friends.Moreover,other friends also can tag you in others place and create privacy and security issue.

Facebook places launched in US formally with login http://touch.facebook.com/ (You can use US VPN with US IP address if you region didn’t support Facebook Places having trial run ).Facebook will detect your location through your IP’s address and use ‘Bing map’ service showing your location,then you can perform ‘check-in’ .You just enter in what you doing currently, ‘tag friend with you’ and click ‘Check-in’.You message will appear in your Facebook wall.If other Facebook users also ‘check-in’ same location or place,they can notice you even if you all didn’t know each other.

The privacy issue are your friends can tag you any places ( joking ) without your knowledge although you didn’t at that places before.

I known most of you out there don’t want others can tracking your location,now you can go to privacy setting in Facebook to made your privacy become more secure.

1.Go to ‘Account’ tab and select ‘Privacy settings’ –> ‘customize setting’ after login Facebook.Select ‘Places i check into’ change the setting and uncheck box enable icon for ‘Include me in people here now after i check in’.

2.Scrolling down and find ‘friends can check me into place’ and choose ‘disable’ to prevent your friends making joke of you.

3.Back to privacy settings and choose ‘application and website to edit the setting.This is to prevent others using third party apps. to gain your location place that you check in.Find ‘Info accessible through your friends’ and click ‘Edit setting’.

4.Uncheck ‘place i check in to’ and click ‘save setting’.

Now you are safe.