Facebook Messenger Turn Off Location Tag, Prevent Track Your Actual Location

Facebook requires users download Facebook messenger app for Android and iOS to chat with friends. Facebook mobile version, iPad, Windows Phone and feature phone are not affected as chatted.

Facebook claim messenger app faster than the messaging function which currently baked into the main app, let users send and receive messages, video, photos and stickers. Moreover Facebook promises they will integrate seamlessly as users try to manage two separate apps in the phone.

Since Facebook has made Messenger mandatory to all users who want to chat with friends, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the app setting and feature.

How To Disable Facebook Messenger Location Tag

Facebook tags your location in messages by default, that means location feature is turn on by default in Facebook messenger app. Your friends will know your actual location, it’s better to disable location tag.

“View Maps” feature in messenger app which let your friends tracking you where is your actual location if you did not disable location tag. To turn off location tag in the app,

Turn off Facebook messenger location tag


Go to “Settings” > turn off location service by uncheck the location service, then the caller can’t track you actual location during conversation.

Location tag for android


Go to settings > privacy > turn off your location setting for Messenger in the settings section of your device.