Facebook Messenger Free Call Now Offer For Users In Malaysia

Last year Facebook rolled up Facebook messenger app for android and iPhone, added a new feature to its users initiate a free voice call with one of their Facebook friends. However this Facebook messenger free call feature available for U.S. users only, but starting from yesterday Facebook gives Malaysia users free calls in messenger for android and iPhone.

The voice calling feature will be available automatically, meaning you won’t have to go to Google Play or iTunes app store to download an update. The free calling feature uses up your data plan instead of your actual minutes, so if you’re on a tiered data plan, proceed with caution.

How To Make Facebook Messenger Free Call


First Facebook Messenger app must installed before starting to call. You can see who is able to make free calls in contact list with a blue color icon displayed, gray color icon are unavailable.

Facebook Messenger Free Call for Malaysia users

In order to initiate a free voice call, all you have to do is choose the contact with blue icon that you want to call. You have to initiate a text conversation first. Afterwards tapping the 3 dots that appear next to your contact’s name, select “Free Call” option, you can talk over WiFi or with your existing data plan.

Facebook Messenger app for android

The voice call got interrupted during conversation, voice quality not as Skype or LINE after tried.

Take Note

“View Map” feature listed in Facebook chat which let users tracking you where is your actual location.

Map location

If you are concern of privacy during Facebook Messenger free call or text conversation, go to “Settings” > turn off location service, then the caller can’t track you actual location during conversation.

Turn off map location service in Facebook Messenger

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