Facebook : How To Get Friend Update Status In Priority ?

What you noticed that as open up your Facebook web page after log in ? I think it should be all those notifications from the applications and quizzes that flooding into Facebook wall.Then you have to scroll down to end of the Facebook web page then can find out your friends recent update status.Actually recent update status is priority for you to know what news and going on from your friends,how come the status update located at almost end of web page ?

First i used Firefox Geasemonkey scripts called ‘Facebook Purity‘ to block all those annoyed application and quizzes but seem not so effected ,lastly i use a simple method to solve it.

If you same as me like to get recent status update in priority,get ‘New Feed’ located upper left of your Facebook web page after log in into your account,click ‘More’ to expand all the category,then drag and drop the category that you felt important and priority to the top of the list.

For example,if you don’t want getting the messages such as who playing and what scoring the game,who become friends messages etc,then you just drag and drop ‘status update’ to the top list.

Hope can help all of you.