Facebook Anti Like : View Web Content Without Click Facebook Like Button

Recently came across lot of  web site or Facebook page asking visitors click Facebook LIKE button then can proceed to next step and view the web content.Do you know that some web site playing dirty trick and post a message in your Facebook wall such as ‘i like a link’ which is that same page you click LIKE button.Now you can view the content inside without click Facebook LIKE button avoid sending spam message.

Firefox Browser

Install Greasemonkey Firefox add-on,then visit userscripts.org install ‘Facebook Anti Like Trick‘ scripts.

Google Chrome Browser

Install ‘Anti Forced Like’ extension.

As you browse the web site or Facebook Page which need you to click LiKE button,then log in your Facebook account first and refresh the web site concern by press F5 in keyboard,then you can view the content behind LIKE button.

Try this Facebook Page then you know the extension and add-on worked or not.

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