eXtraButtons Add 9 More Utility Buttons At Window

As you are using Windows OS noticed that ‘Minimize’,’Maximize’ and ‘Close’ buttons always appeared at top right corner of all window.Now you can add extra 9 buttons at that area to make your job more comfortable and organized with ‘extrabuttons‘.

Extrabuttons provided 9 utility buttons adding to window.

  1. Always on top
  2. Send to back
  3. copy window
  4. roll up/unroll
  5. minimize to box
  6. transparency
  7. percentage transparency
  8. minimize to tray
  9. minimize to tray menu

Download extrabuttons ( beta) and installed.Then go to program list in windows,click extrabuttons icon and executed,the icon will minimize to system tray.

Extrabuttons beta compatible with Windows Vista and 7.

PS:There are got bug as installed in Windows XP.If installed in 64bit Windows 7 ,the buttons will be displayed on the 32 bit software only.