Extra Steps PC Virus, APT & Malware Protection [How To]

There are lot of malware, trojan, malicious program or emails, backdoor, bot.rootkit and many more over the internet,we will install any antivirus or antispam software into ours PCs to prevent and defend all these kind viruses. Unfortunately sometimes ours installed security software is not so effectiveness and powerful as we are thinking of and caused viruses and malware infection to PCs, the worse thing will be caused ours PC become Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) or Botnet victims.

All this happens may due to some malware or virus is encrypted to bypass antivirus detection, in order to against malware or viruses infection, we need to add additional steps detecting all these malicious program before inflect our PCs.


scan virus and malware


VirusTotal is online virus and malware scanner,just upload suspicious files and VirusTotal will scan it with more than 40 antivirus solutions. Now VirusTotal adding「Scan A URL」 feature allow users sending any suspicious link before click it.

VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/



scan pdf,doc


XecScan is online malicious files scanner for PDF,DOC,XLS these kind primarily files. It’s more saved before open it if scan through with XecScan as you received or downloaded this kind of document.

XecScan: http://scan.xecure-lab.com/


XecMail Cloud

scan email attachment


You getting benefit if you are using Gmail.XrcMail Cloud will need your Gmail authority and will checks the last 90 days of emails, up to a maximum of 500 emails, it’s will scan through all attachments with document files only.

All the email checked will label with 「XecMail/Checked」.Those inflected email with be having 「XecMail/APT」 labeled.

scan email attachment


XecMail Cloud:

Hope can help all of you.

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